Where is the mythical “green” capitalism?

On the one hand are the big companies, responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and environmental destruction. On the other, we have the state, which keeps the working people ‘at bay’ in the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Who will be held responsible for this?

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A Rough Week under Capitalism No. 1/2

Whether a Volt courier or an employee of a multinational company like Amazon, all workers are abused equally. We’ll give you living proof in this week’s edition of A Rough Week under Capitalism.

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The Bane Called Apoliticism

Politics are inherently evil and should be pushed out of every aspect of society. This is the prevailing opinion in Slovak society. Of course, these ideas are totally justifiably formulated by people’s experience with politics in Slovakia (and abroad as well). What are my personal observations with this issue? Is civil alibism legitimate? “Only bad …

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